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With a modern fleet and many years experience, we offer a full range of MEWPs for hire, coupled with IPAF Training.

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Kimberly Access offers a MEWP hire service that combines convenience with affordability. Our new and well serviced fleet comprises of Electric Scissor Lifts, Lorry Mounted Cherry Picker alternatives, Diesel Scissor Lifts, Electric Cherry Pickers, Diesel Cherry Pickers, Spider Lifts and Tracked Access Platforms.

We also offer bi-fuel lifters for working indoors, further reducing your carbon footprint. We provide MEWPs that are available for any application, including work in confined spaces. We also offer competitive rates across short or long term contracts.

What is a MEWP?
MEWP stands for Mobile Elevating Working Platform. They are safe and stable powered access platforms for working at heights which can easily be mobilised and moved around. A standard MEWP is made up of the working platform complete with a small control panel, chassis and the moving framework.

MEWP is a term which covers all the different types of lifts you can hire on our website including cherry pickers, spider lifts and scissor lifts. The acronym MEWP is also interchangeable with acronyms such as AWP (Aerial Work Platform) & EWP (Elevated Working Platform).

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With Kimberly Access, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our nationally agreed hire rates, a single point of contact and support 365 days a year. To ensure the smooth management of any project, we operate an out of hours delivery and collection service and can provide comprehensive 7 day cover.

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Choosing The Right MEWP – Which Is Best?

When choosing to hire a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP), it is inevitable that a number of factors will influence which particular type you opt for. Each MEWP is particularly suited to various types of work in different environments, so it is important to evaluate fully the nature of your work and be familiar with the range of features that MEWPs can provide.

The size of the platform needed for example will depend largely on how many workers will be needed to complete the work; as well as what tools and equipment they will require and how much space the surrounding environment has. Be sure to also think about the location of the worksite, and how the platform will be transported and propelled. External conditions such as the type of terrain, road restrictions and the surrounding space available will affect the vehicle you choose, as well as how the platform is powered.

Below is a brief overview of some of the most common types of MEWPs available that are used in a range of circumstances and industries.

Truck/Van-mounted MEWPs

These are elevated platforms that are mounted onto the back of a truck of flat-mounted pick up van. As well as performing as a conveniently mobile platform, the vehicles are also used to stabilise the unit. These are perhaps the most easy-to-use MEWPs available and can be self-driven by those who hold a standard license (weights will vary depending on the type of license held).

Cherry pickers are a common type of vehicle-mounted MEWP, and are sometimes called ‘bucket trucks’. They are often used for telephone, cable TV and utility pole repairs and servicing, as well as in construction, mining and exterior painting. They can also be used for building maintenance, like window cleaning, and play an important role in constructing large-scale displays or banners.

Scissor Lifts

scissor lift hire grey

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts usually move only vertically, which makes them ideal for tight or confined, narrow spaces. The platforms are rested on folding linked supports in a cross-hatch pattern and can be either diesel-powered (usually when transported to outdoor locations) or battery powered (better for indoor use). This makes them suited to a wide variety of environments, such as offices, shopping centres and hotels, as well as industrial sites.

Scissor lift platform sizes vary (between 7.8 and 12 metres) meaning they are well capable of holding several workers and/or their equipment. Many also come with bridges to ensure better reach to the areas requiring work.

Narrow Tracked Access Platforms

Narrow tracked access platforms – also be known as spider lifts or mini cranes – are usually used in tight spaces where MEWPs cannot reach. This is thanks to their narrow dimensions and low gross weight, with most being able to fit through a standard 0.8m x 2m double door. Their low floor loadings mean that they are able to drive over delicate or low load-bearing floors without marking or damaging, including wooden or tiled surfaces; sports floors or pitches; mezzanines; raised walkways or soft ground. They are also an appealing alternative to scaffolding, which is often used instead of a scissor lift or cherry picker and can be costly and hazardous.

Low Level Access Platforms

low level access platform hire front

Low Level Access Platform

Low level access platforms are used by smaller companies and individual contractors, usually in the painting and decorating business, as well as by gas and electrical contractors. As their maximum height is only 5.5 metres (minimum 3 metres) they are ideal for both commercial and home environments where it is not required to reach a great height.

Choosing a low level access platform when possible minimises the risk of injury eliminates unnecessary safety hazards posed by larger access platforms.

Self Propelled Booms

As is obvious by the name, self-propelled booms are able to drive themselves around the work site, once having been transported there. This makes them a great time saving choice, particularly on busy worksites with several smaller operations going on at once.

Straight stick booms have a good outreach of up to 38 metres, whilst articulated booms can reach up to 47 metres and are particularly good at overcoming obstacles. Mast booms, meanwhile, can reach up to 10 metres but are particularly narrow, making them good for confined work spaces.

Like scissor lifts and cherry pickers, self propelled booms are available in both diesel and battery powered variations, making them suited to a range of locations.