Secondary Guarding


SkyAlarm provides boom operators Anti-Crush protection.

It provides a sensor bar in front of the controls which when activated stops A

LL machine functions immediately and at the same time activates a siren and a flashing light to alert personnel on the ground there is an accident.

SkyAlarm boom operators Anti-Crush protection

  • To enhance the safety features on OUR boom fleet, we are installing SkyAlarm free of charge.
  • The system can be reset from the basket which then restored normal operations of the MEWP.
  • The system does not impede work activities.
  • Tamper-proof security fixings stops unauthorised removal.
  • Works on all major manufacturers machines.
  • CE marked.


A Major Innovation in Safety Working at Height

Health and Safety is at the heart of Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd and we’re proud to be involved with SanctuaryZone – a major breakthrough in health and safety when working at height.

We have invested in the SanctuaryZone anti crushing system, to improve health and safety on MEWPS. SanctuaryZone is an exciting new development in health and safety when working at height on booms.

SanctuaryZone is a “tier 1 hierarchy of safety”

SanctuaryZone is a "tier 1 hierarchy of safety"SanctuaryZone is a ‘Tier 1 hierarchy of safety’ steel structure that prevents the machine operator from being crushed. Simple, strong and extremely reliable, SanctuaryZone projects above the machine platform to protect the operator from crushing which can lead to serious or, worse still, fatal injuries.

More about SanctuaryZone

Successfuly held trials proved SanctuaryZone did not impair the operators’ work. The trials also highlighted a number of refinements that influenced the ultimate design and improved safety still further e.g. modifying the angle of the steelwork to a gradual curve kept the safety netting away from the operator and prevented snagging.

SanctuaryZone benefitsSanctuaryZone benefits

  1. Prevents crushing when working at height.
  2. Doesn’t impede work activities
  3. Works on all major manufacturers’ machines
  4. Fully adjustable.

Download SanctuaryZone information now

Click on the link above to view more details on the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd, including Kimberly Access, 1st Access Rentals and High Level Platforms, who will fit SanctuaryZone on your hire cherry pickers and MEWPS.