Truck Mounted Cherry Pickers

Van and Truck Mounted Cherry Picker Alternatives

If you are currently looking for a big cherry picker , and you’re considering a truck mounted cherry picker, or a van-mounted cherry picker, we would recommend thinking about alternative options, like the JLG 1850 SJ Super Boom Cherry Picker. Super booms are an excellent alternative to the more common and much more expensive truck-mounted and van-mounted boom systems, and can provide height and manoeuvrability that the other cherry picker styles simply cannot compete with.

Super booms are now available up to 185ft tall at their maximum extension, allowing an impressive range of work heights and applications. Not only that, but their small profile when withdrawn and their relatively small footprint compared to that of a lorry, van or truck mounted cherry picker makes them the logical choice for work in areas where large amounts of ground space are more difficult to come by or secure, and where the enormous frame of a lorry could prove obstructive or even dangerous.

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The arc within which work can be performed by a JLG 1850 SJ Super Boom is shown in the graph below, as well as a photograph of the boom in action for scale – since it’s easy to hear measurements like “185ft” without truly appreciating the scale of the JLG 1850 Super Boom.

cherry picker in action at power stationrange diagram of cherry picker

Reasons to Try our Truck Mounted Cherry Picker Alternatives:

So if you are looking into van mounted cherry picker or boom hire options, and want to save money or work in more demanding environments than a lorry-mounted cherry picker could handle, get in touch with us! Our mobile boom platforms encompass:

  • Superior height and reach

With the furthest-reaching booms available, our super booms can facilitate work at heights of almost 200ft. They are able to elevate workmen and technicians to heights that are simply impossible for van-based booms, and even many lorry booms. When you need to perform work that looks impossible, Kimberly Access will have you covered with our JLG 1850 SJ Super Boom.

  • Full technical support

We provide a full technical support package and can troubleshoot any issues you may be having on-site if necessary. Our helpline is available to anyone looking for advice, and our technicians can come out to your site, wherever it is, to provide any help you may need.

  • An operator can be supplied if required

If your team needs someone to operate the super boom, we can happily provide an expert operator. You can save the time and money you’d spend on training your own staff and focus on the job, while our experienced team works with the equipment they know best.

  • Super boom training

If your team, or any members of your team, have IPAF 3a and 3b qualifications (which they can also acquire through Kimberly Access training programmes) then we will be able to train them to operate super boom cherry pickers effectively and safely.

How Our Truck Mounted Access Platform Alternatives can save you money

Kimberly Access is proud to offer the JLG 1850 SJ Super Boom to our customers. This model, among other super-boom cherry pickers, can save you and your clients money in several ways, and will likely generate a real impact on the overheads of the work you are undertaking. First of all, a dedicated operator is not required if any member of your team has IPAF 3b training. This training is easily acquired and a course is provided by Kimberly Access, so you can operate the boom for no additional cost in manpower.

Whether your team is trained or not, lorry-mounted platforms always require a dedicated operator, who must be paid for their time and usually provided with paid accommodation during the work, if it is in an area away from his or her home area. These additional costs stack fast, so you can cut them out immediately with a super boom.

Improvements in work output are the second main reason for hiring a super boom over a van- or lorry-mounted cherry picker, and the second main reason for why these booms will save you money compared to their counterparts. Self-propelled and able to provide greater range of motion and more impressive maximum work heights, these super booms can help to slash the time taken to complete a job, and reduce the amount of other specialist equipment needed.

Their ability to shorten the time taken on-site is also shown by their deployment methods, which eschew the hydraulic jack legs of lorry cherry pickers in favour of extendable axles, which provide the same stability benefits at a fraction of the time to deploy.

Finally, there is the reduced weight ground load on the site when using super booms. These compact, self-propelled systems are lighter than lorry-mounted cherry pickers, both in the weight of their chassis, the booms they carry, and the machinery within, and also as they lack the extremely heavy stabilising hydraulic jacks deployed by the trucks. Instead, their axles extend, providing the same stabilising effect at a fraction of the weight.

So if you’re looking for an elevated work platform that will reduce your site costs, allow you a greater height and range of movement than ever before, and work better in enclosed spaces, you can forget about lorry-mounted cherry pickers: the super boom is the way forward. Contact us for more information using the information on our Contact Page.